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Dedicated to Personalized Canine Training

TailHandler specializes in tailoring dog training programs to suit each dog’s unique characteristics, emphasizing owner education and fostering obedience.

Our values

Our Core Values



We approach training with empathy and understanding to build a strong bond between you and your dog.



We provide top-quality training that ensures your dog’s well-being and obedience without compromising on excellence.



We offer affordable rates to make our training accessible to all dog owners, ensuring no compromise on quality.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose TailHandler?

TailHandler offers personalized training programs that prioritize understanding canine behavior, fostering obedience, and delivering exceptional quality.

Personalized Programs

TailHandler tailors training programs to suit your dog’s unique characteristics, ensuring effective and personalized results.


Owner Education

We emphasize owner education alongside training sessions, empowering you to comprehend canine behavior and foster obedience effectively.


Affordable Excellence

TailHandler offers affordable rates without compromising on quality, making exceptional dog training accessible to all.

Happy Clients Say


Worth the penny spent.. Well experienced.. (5 Star Google Reivew)

– Sidhu Durairaj


I couldn’t be happier with the results of TailHandler’s training program. My dog is now obedient and a joy to be around. – Personal Review

– Mahesh


TailHandler’s training exceeded my expectations. My dog now listens attentively and behaves wonderfully. – Personal Review

– Kumar